Monday, 17 August 2015


We are driving when we come to a round about. I wait to let the other person in before me, but they seem to do the same. We both then notice the other is waiting for the other and then go at the same time. My father then stomps onto the brake that is not there and curses my hesitation for it almost got us killed.

You go to walk away. You're about to perform. I reach out to you and whisper 'good luck'. How easy it would have been to lean in at that moment and do what I have thought about so many times before, but instead I watch you walk away.

We're walking together, so starry eyed that I do not notice we have come to an intersection and we must cross the street. I wait there as you laugh at me from the other side of the road for my hesitation has caused me to miss so many gaps in the traffic for me to cross the road.

I wait for every single car to go. I watch them drive past me and into the distance.

How many opportunities have I watched pass me by? How many have driven away unnoticed?

My hesitation is something that I must work on. I refuse to seize the things I want and rather let them by to people who I think deserve it more.

I must overcome my hesitation but I am too hesitant to try.