Monday, 22 July 2013


Sometimes I'm sad, especially when I'm looking out a window. I think they make me sad because I wish life was as simple as it is when you're looking out a window. There is something magical about windows. When looking out them you feel as if time stands still and nothing else matters. It's as if the world is at your fingertips, if just for a moment. The world moves past so quickly but inside you're at a standstill. I think that's a good representation of life. We can stand still but the world will continue to fly past us.

I always over think when I look out windows. Normally I would have other things that'll be occupying my time and so absorbing my thinking capacity, but on a bus looking out a window, that's when I sit and think and all my emotions run wild. I think about friends and family, and moments in time, and the past, and where I am going in life, and maths homework that I don't want to do, and its all just too much sometimes.

You don't ever seem to look in windows though. Why is that? Why do we look out but not in? I'm not entirely sure...