Sunday, 15 November 2015

Dearest Yesterday

When he messages you for the first time do not reply.
When he starts to show affection towards you do not be blind.
When he flatters you don't let him see how alone you are.
When he begins to embed himself in your life, walk away and don't look back.

He will come to you when you are weak.
He will come to comfort you,
and to whisper sweet lies,
and empty promises.

This will go on,
and on,
and on,
until you break free.

You will run,
vowing never to turn back.
Too busy looking behind you don't look forward,
and so you run straight into him

You tell yourself this time it will be different,
this time you won't let him get inside,
he will not become part of your life again,
but he does.

This is a mistake.
I'm begging you don't get attached.
but you stay.

He will poison your mind,
and break your heart.
He will destroy you,
and you let him.

Eventually you will get free;
you will break the chains and run once more,
but he is never to far away,
always waiting in the shadows.

You run into him again one day.
It is unexpected.
You were not prepared.
You let him in.

He whispers the same sweet lies,
to you and to her.
She thinks he is sweet,
but it's because she is poisoned.

I miss you.
I miss the days of us.
I miss your friendship.
I miss the days of simplicity.

The poison seeps into your soul.
There is no us anymore.
Just you and him.
and just me.

I refuse to give up on you despite that I have been told that I might as well should. I can't bear to let this go. One day you will break free and hopefully we will talk once more. Dearest yesterday, do not fret, there is nothing you could have done. This is but how the world has decided to turn today and so be it. This will all be ok. Just keep reminding yourself of that. Everything will be alright. Do not worry. Do not break. Do not give up. Dearest yesterday, I've been telling you this for years, every thing always works out fine in the end.

Love always, Tomorrow.